Prenuptial Agreement & Postmarital Agreements

prenop pict

We plan our trips to work each day, and we make plans for vacations or other important events in life; but we need to make plans on property management in subsequent marriages to protect children from our former marriage(s).  With remarriage on the rise for Americans age 55 and older, more potential spouses are entering into prenuptial agreements to dictate how the spouses will manage their finances and property.*  Older couples can protect their estates to pass along property from the former marriage to their adult children from former marriages.  North Carolina does allow for current and future spouses to determine the framework for managing the assets and debts of the parties during the marriage and provides for how such assets/debts will be distributed in event the marriage comes to an end.  At Parker Law, PA, we address clients’ unique situation and give practical advice in these stages of the marital process.

* Livingston, Gretchen, et. al. “Four-in-Ten Couples are Saying “I Do,” Again.”  Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 14 Nov 2014, www.pewresearch.org/.