Domestic Violence

dom vio pict

Domestic Violence affects more relationships in North Carolina; and luckily, our legislature has recognized the need to protect victims of domestic violence.  Domestic violence can be emotional or physical, and the North Carolina General Assembly enacted Chapter 50B of the North Carolina General Statutes to allow for victims to bring an action.  To initiate an action, victims must file the appropriate complaint with other documentation regarding information on the other party.  A district court judge may or may not enter an ex parte protective order, which will require that a return hearing be set 10 days from the entry of the order.  Parker Law, PA can help in completing the documentation for the initial complaint and representing any potential victim at the return hearing.  We can also represent folks that are served with a Domestic Violence Protective Order.  These statutes were enacted to protect, and it’s extremely frustrating for people falsely accused.  We can guide our client(s) through this process with clear answers and solid advice.